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Greetsiel and Environs - a Typical Eastern Friesian Idyll

The extensive marsh landscape of the Krummhörn alone ("Crooked Corner", a reference to the point on the coast between Emden further south and Greetsiel) is worth a trip. This landscape is enclosed in a large semicircle by the dike and is bordered further west by the Ems River estuary and by the North Sea to the north.


The fishing village of Greetsiel and the surrounding "Warftdörfern" (villages built on artificial mounds of earth to protect them from flooding) will give you all the opportunity you want to switch off and recover from the stress of everyday life. You can cycle along almost all sections of the dike in the pure sea air, usually directly adjacent to the North Sea or go for long walks on the dike paths; even today, the trio of marsh, moor and heath form an intact natural environment, especially in the adjacent nature reserve for birds.


Of course, you can also just lie on the dike, take in the sound of the sea and enjoy the healthy salty sea air which promotes a sense of wellbeing in any season.


If you prefer activities for spectators, visit the numerous events such as the fishing cutter parade, mud-flat races, the kite festival, the organ festival, the walking marathon or jog your brain a little and learn a few words of "Plattdeutsch", or Low German.


Greetsiel im Winter