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Here´s How to Find Your Cosy Holiday Home on the North Sea

Dear Holiday Guest

We've put together some sections of the map of Greetsiel and the Krummhörn region as a guide so that you can find Haus Seemöwe quickly and easily.

Click on the illustrations to the right to get an enlarged version of them.


You can get to Greetsiel from the Emden Mitte exit on autobahn A31. Head north and turn off to your left at Hinte (you will almost immediately cross a railway line), turn left at the crossroads and continue on to Groß Midlum and then in

a roughly northwest direction towards Pewsum. At Pewsum turn left and continue west to Groothusen, where you turn right and head more or less northwards towards Pilsum. Continue on through Pilsum and the next town is Greetsiel.



Our holiday house is located in a quiet cul-de-sac right behind the dike at the place marked in the map of the town . You can walk along the dike to the historic harbour and main part of the village in about 8-10 minutes.

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